What’s it like to go to Christchurch School?

We’re glad you asked. Welcome to Twenty Questions, an insider’s perspective on life at our school. Questions change frequently, so check back often. And if your question isn’t answered here, just ask!

What can a bee teach you about the
global food supply chain?
Can I take AP courses?
What if I'm curious
about CCS
but just not sure ...
I've never been to boarding school before!
Is it like a
college schedule?
Where is Christchurch School?
What do CCS graduates
do with their lives?
How will CCS prepare me
for college?
What's your sailing team like? Can I learn to sail?
What if I’m not really that great at math?
What’s it like to be the
new kid?
What if I love the outdoors?
What if I’ve never played sports?
What if I'm interested in the arts?
Who is the Headmaster? (What IS a headmaster, anyway?)
What do the students say about going to school there?
What do you do for fun?
What if I want to play my
sport in college?
Is it a religious school?
Who will my friends be?
How’s the food?
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